Evolution is born from change

Evolution is born from change

As supply chains shift around during these times, Strive Food adapts and finds ways to improve our meals as we do so.

We have seen great improvements in some of our most favourite meals, such as our famous Vegetable Curry Laksa and Gnocchi dishes. The laksa, particularly, has undergone changes in the sourced noodles, resulting in a much simpler, tastier  and healthier noodle.

Similarly, our source of beef has changed after many years, giving Strive the opportunity to improve on an already delicious meal. We now use 100% Tasmanian beef. An added benefit is that the meal is also soy free, for those with allergies.

We are pleased to introduce our Pasta Bolognese Ragu. With the same delicious flavours, we are now using chunks of beef, more in line with a traditional Ragu.