Why Strive?

After a long day on the trail, Strive dehydrated meals offer a substantial and tasty reward. Our meals have been designed to replenish lost nutrients and to offer long-lasting energy for the day ahead by our qualified nutritionist.

Each meal is built and thoroughly tested for taste in our kitchen to high standards and must satisfy an active adult.

You will be the envy of fellow travellers with your delicious fare.

Our meals

Strive breakfast options are both lightweight and nutrient dense, designed to give you the perfect start to your day on the trail.
Main Meals
Quick and easy meals that are incredibly tasty and satisfying. Our main meals replenish what you have lost and set you up for the next day.
Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury. Once the pot has been cleaned of a tasty Strive meal, make up a sweet treat to go with that after dinner coffee or hot chocolate. Adequately refuelled, you'll be ready for the next adventure.
Meal Complements
If you prefer to create your own dishes to suit specific tastes, or would like to add meat or vegetables to bulk up a meal our meal complements will do the trick.
Gluten Free Meals
We understand how important it is to have tasty gluten-free meals.
We have a large range of vegetarian meals that even carnivores will love.

Don't take our word for it.

Port Arthur Historic Site is a host to travelers from all over the world and is the starting point of the famous Three Capes Walk. Since stocking your product in our Gift Shop, we have found that it fits perfectly within the needs of trekkers, day walkers and campers. The meals are nutritious, tasty and importantly light-weight.

Gabrielle, Port Arthur Gift Shop

Southbound Adventures is a huge advocate for healthy eating. The flavours and nutritional value of Strive home-style comfort food are by far the most superior on the market. Say goodbye to the days of sodium filled, flavourless freeze dried meals and welcome hearty, home cooked meals to your expedition table.

Ryan, Southbound AdventuresDuke of Edinburgh Coodinator

Pack-rafting in remote Tasmania

Laksa over Lake St Clair

photo by Greg Rowlings

Laksa ingredients

What makes Strive meals so tasty is the way they are put together.


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Upper Hastings River, NSW

Photo: Sid Tinney