Mushroom, Thyme & Garlic Pasta

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The newest pasta dish to the range will have your taste buds excited!  A combination of mushrooms, thyme and garlic in a creamy sauce will more than satisfy at the end of a day on the trail.  

The use of the quick cooking wholemeal spiral pasta will make this a super easy meal cooked in 3-5 minutes.

Net weight 110g (single)

Cooked weight 302g (single)


Pasta (wheat), mushroom, cheese, milk solids, salt, starter culture, food acids, onion, garlic, pepper.

Allergen Info:

Contains Wheat Dairy.

This product may have come into contact with other allergens during processing.

Nutritional Information

See images for Nutritional Information Panel

Servings per package: 1 (single); 2 (double)