24 hour Ration Packs


We have designed a 24 hour ration/ emergency pack containing all that you need for fuel on the  go.  Sealed in a custom sized zip lock bag it includes a breakfast, lunch and main meal, a range of snack items and hot drink.  A convenient way to shop for your trip.

There are 5 versions of the ration pack (2 meat and 3 vegetarian options). Breakfast and dinner are Strive Food options whereas lunch and snacks are sourced to provide tasty options, without the need to cook a meal whilst on the move. The contents of the packs are as follows:

Fruit scroggin, soup, cheese & crackers, snack bar, hot chocolate, snack pack.

Edgell Red Kidney Bean Salad

Dinner Breakfast

Version 1

Pasta Bolognese

Mountain Muesli

Version 2

Beef Massaman Tropical porridge

Version 3 Creamy vegetable pasta Fruit medley porridge

Version 4 Cheese & vegetable risotto Mountain muesli

 Version 5

Hearty minestrone Tropical porridge